Assisted Living Facility in Colleton County, Walterboro, South Carolina

New Assisted Living Facility Now Open In Walterboro, Colleton County.

Walterboro Assisted Living FacilityAssisted Living facility, Magnolias of Walterboro is located in the beautiful town of Walterboro in South Carolina, loving known as the “Front Porch of Low-country. ” Over the years South Carolina has become the ultimate destination for those seeking peaceful retirement and assisted living.

About Magnolias Of Walerboro Assisted Living Facility

Magnolia’s of Walterboro on Academy Road in Walterboro offers a unique approach to assisted living, like creating a home for Genie and the residents, which is appreciated by residents and family members alike.

The Magnolia’s facility is family owned and operated by the Lockwoods who have been a part of the assisted living community since 1979. Scott Lockwood bought the Walterboro Magnolia’s in April. His son Max also works at the facility managing the day-to-day operations. The family takes pride in making sure a loved one feels at home and taken care of while living there.

Southern Comfort Assisted Living

Out of this peaceful environment and Southern lifestyle, Magnolias of Walterboro Assisted Living Facility was born. Magnolias of Walterboro offers a unique approach to Assisted living, giving a peace of mind to our residents and their family

Scott Lockwood, the relatively new owner of the facility, is asking the Walterboro community to embrace the retirement facility and all it has to offer the local community and its’ senior residents.

Covid has isolated so many folks, including our residents so we thought this of many small way to ease that isolation, and let the community get involved,” said Lockwood. Constantly, the Magnolias Of Waltrboro Assisted Living Community and the Lockwood family have committed their generous efforts to improving this facility by providing community outreach and support to The City of Walterbor, and Colleton County, South Carolina.

Our Newest Assisted Living G=Facility Resident-Genie

With their newest furry friend and resident Genie, Lockwood said Genie has been the Magnolia’s house pet for just a few months, but he says it seems like she’s been there forever. “We have a rescue pet at each Magnolia Assisted Living Facilities (the other is in Santee.) She sits on the couch with them, digs a hole in the courtyard while the residents watch, eats fallen food scraps, snores when she sleeps, and stands patiently while they pet her,” said Lockwood. “She does all the stuff any dog does, just with lots of old folks around. She’s instinctively careful around walkers and wheelchairs — and not by formal training, she just seems to know,” he added.

Genie belongs to all of the residents. She’s in the office during the day and stays in one of the residents’ rooms at night. “They sort of found each other,” Lockwood said. “It’s enhanced the lives of all the residents, especially the two she stays with. She’s really the perfect dog for us. Even the UPS man likes her,” he joked.

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